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Easier Piano Hymns Book #2

Join us for our Holiday House Concerts at the new studio!

New! Songs for Peace Original Songbook

Healing piano compositions created during the Pandemic. 

Relaxing Piano Music

Jason offers piano music for all levels and skill abilities- plus a little extra. Shop piano music books, digitally downloadable sheet music, CD’s and more. Connect to Jason and his community through his podcast, Song of the Month Club, and even travel with Jason! Click the icons below to get started.

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Music By Jason Tonioli

“When you play my music, have fun with it.” – Jason creates music that is fun to play, and in some cases music that is easier for small or beginning hands. When music is fun, a love of playing can grow. Jason’s mission is to share  his love of music, and help foster that love for music in others. Explore titles below and foster your own love of music today!

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  • Sale! Easier Piano Hymns Spiral Bound Book and Piano Hymns CD BundleEasier Piano Hymns Cover
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Solutions for all playing styles

We offer several options to fit your playing style.  Printed books, digital books, and even single song downloads. And if you would rather just listen to Jason play, we have CD’s

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Successful Musicians Podcast

Jason Headshot 9 2016
Hosted by Jason Tonioli

What is a successful musician, and how does that definition of success differ from artist to artist? What does success look like to you? Join us as we discuss success through interviews with a variety of musicians. 

Other Featured Products

Regardless of playing ability we have piano books for all skill levels that are easy to learn and fun to play. These customer favorites are well loved by our music community and are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Customer Favorites
  • Sale! Easier Piano Hymns 2 transWEB Easier Piano Hymns 2 Cover Flat Angle
  • Sale! Songs For Peace CD Product Design Cover and CD TransSongs For Peace CD Product Design

    Songs for Peace CD

    CDs $9.95
  • Sale! Easier Piano Hymns Spiral Bound Book and Piano Hymns CD BundleEasier Piano Hymns Cover
  • Sale! Easier Piano Hymns CD Product Design Cover and CD TransEasier Piano Hymns CD Product Design

    Easier Piano Hymns CD

    CDs $10.95

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About Jason Tonioli

Jason is an American pianist, composer, and entrepreneur. Classically trained in piano growing up, he began creating his own arrangements writing his own music in high school. He developed his own playing style that he refers to as New Age Music, or Classical Crossover. Jason blends classical, pop, and even rock and roll with traditional elements that make his music both modern and timeless.

Jason Tonioli New Age Piano Mission

Jason seeks to foster a love of music and learning to those looking to not only play the piano – but enjoy their experience. Jason’s original compositions and adaptions are fun to play, and are accessible for any level of playing ability. Not to mention they are written to make the player sound great! 


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Travel With Jason

Aug 3rd - Aug 10th, 2022

We are super excited to announce an upcoming Alaska cruise with Jason Tonioli in August of 2022. This will be a unique and beautiful experience where you will enjoy not only an amazing cruise but also concerts by Jason throughout your travels backdropped by Alaskan glaciers. 

Tonioli Music Blog

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #18: How to Transform Your Voice Using the Singing / Straw™ Method with Whitney Nichole

“One of the things that mattered to me was impacting people’s lives, helping people. And that’s part of the reason I started my teaching studio the way that I did and grew it the way that I did. But there’s only a limit to how much you can physically be in someone’s life. So, it’s so interesting to find a product that could actually help people and change lives. I feel like you have to define what success means to you and then to figure out how that iterates and how that looks in your life.”

~Whitney Nichole

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #17: Isabella Bedoya’s Cutting-Edge Social Media Strategies for a Lucrative Musical Career

“It just goes to show that if you’re willing to show up online and you’re willing to actually be authentic, raw and vulnerable, then you’re going to be able to attract the right people. It’s not even about putting a facade, it’s just more of like your responsibility to show up because you never know your music could change the world, shift culture, heal people, prevent suicide. You never know what’s going to happen on the other end.”

~Isabella Bedoya

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #16: The Significance of Mentorship in the Music Industry with Jason Lyle Black

“I think having somebody who is successful at what you’re trying to do is definitely more powerful than a book. Maybe they have a book, and you can read that book. So that’s a good start, right? But having them look at what you do and give you that specific feedback for a lot of the type of field that I’m in, there aren’t books really about it. I’ve read one or two books that people have written about how to have a good cabaret show, or like, how to interact with an audience, but really, you just kind of have to do it and then get the feedback.”

~Jason Lyle Black

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House Concerts

During the Quarantine, Jason has done several house concerts. See the latest!

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This song was written in one night. It’s still in draft mode, but over 300 people have downloaded it and are raving about this new song! 

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