Successful Musicians Podcast

Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #18: How to Transform Your Voice Using the Singing / Straw™ Method with Whitney Nichole

“One of the things that mattered to me was impacting people’s lives, helping people. And that’s part of the reason I started my teaching studio the way that I did and grew it the way that I did. But there’s only a limit to how much you can physically be in someone’s life. So, it’s so interesting to find a product that could actually help people and change lives. I feel like you have to define what success means to you and then to figure out how that iterates and how that looks in your life.”

~Whitney Nichole

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #17: Isabella Bedoya’s Cutting-Edge Social Media Strategies for a Lucrative Musical Career

“It just goes to show that if you’re willing to show up online and you’re willing to actually be authentic, raw and vulnerable, then you’re going to be able to attract the right people. It’s not even about putting a facade, it’s just more of like your responsibility to show up because you never know your music could change the world, shift culture, heal people, prevent suicide. You never know what’s going to happen on the other end.”

~Isabella Bedoya

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #16: The Significance of Mentorship in the Music Industry with Jason Lyle Black

“I think having somebody who is successful at what you’re trying to do is definitely more powerful than a book. Maybe they have a book, and you can read that book. So that’s a good start, right? But having them look at what you do and give you that specific feedback for a lot of the type of field that I’m in, there aren’t books really about it. I’ve read one or two books that people have written about how to have a good cabaret show, or like, how to interact with an audience, but really, you just kind of have to do it and then get the feedback.”

~Jason Lyle Black

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #13: Michele McLaughlin on How Branding and The Story is Critical in Achieving Success

“I always tell people in my class that you know if you’re making music to make money, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Music for you because you love it and it’s who you are. It’s what you know, it’s what you’re drawn to and need to do. And then if people listen to it, and people buy it, that’s just icing on the cake, you know, but make it for you because then means more it’s gonna it’s going to come across more authentically and more true and it’s going to touch people in a more sincere, authentic way.

~Michele McLaughlin

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #11: How to Find your Voice in Music with Lynn Tredeau

“Music, really, it should be an extension of whoever you are, and wherever you are in life. It should be an extension of you. It needs to sound like somebody else. I really encouraged my students to do that. And I definitely, when I talk to other musicians who are just getting started, something I always tell them too is find your niche, find your voice, and perfect that voice and your audience will come.
~Lynn Tredeau

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #10: Matt Johnson’s Epiphany About Tuning Pianos and What He Considers As The Holy Grail of Pianos

“What comes to mind, what makes a musician successful? It comes down to an individual basis, I would say. You could say, words and merits that you’ve earned and achievements that you’ve accomplished and places you’ve performed at, how much money you make. I think in the end, it comes down to two things — satisfaction and happiness. I’m happy or not. For me, if you’re happy, you have basically achieved success.
” ~Matt Johnson

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #9: Katie Zaccardi’s Holistic Approach to Strategy and Mindset

“I think that, if you’re not sure if you want to do it professionally, but you’re open to it, I would honestly say, just do what feels fun for you. And that might lead you down the path of deciding if you want to start performing and deciding that you want to release music and things like that. I feel like allowing yourself to not put pressure on figuring out what you want to do or how you want to do it, it’s something that can give you so much freedom and allow you to ultimately have more success, whether you want to keep it as a hobby or if you want to do it professionally.” ~Katie Zaccardi

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