FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

If I purchase the PDF file from your site, will I have immediate access to the song?
Yes, you will be able to download the song from the purchase confirmation page and we will also send you an email. Here’s a link to a walkthrough video that shows you how to access your PDF files after you’ve ordered from the site: https://youtu.be/8_H2IRE9EvU

What program do you use to play music on your iPad?
I prefer to use the App “ForScore” but there are several apps that you can use to do the same thing.

How can I turn pages on my ipad with a foot pedal?
I’ve been using the AirTurn footpedals since they first came out and love them. They are simple and work great. You can learn more about them at: http://www.airturn.com/bluetooth-pedals

What program do you use to write your music?
I started writing music with pencil and paper. I now use Finale, which is a bit pricy. There are some good intro options with Finale though. The other program out there is Sibelius. I’ve tried both. Neither one is very easy for a beginning but I think that Finale is the easiest of the two. Sibelius is a bit hard to figure out if you have used Finale. There are fans of both music notation softwares though. There are also some pretty cool apps for the iPad now that you can write music on, but if you do want to get serious about writing music you’ll likely need to eventually buy a license of Finale or Sibelius.

What program do you use to record your songs?
I record my songs in a studio but we use a software program called ProTools.

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