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This Child – A Testimony of Christ and Christmas CD


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Featuring Jason Tonioli and a new collection of original hymn arrangements.

  • 1. God With Us: Isaiah and Ahaz
  • 2. Behold the Lamb of God: Nephi and the Tree of Life
  • 3. Lord Omnipotent Cometh: King Benjamin and the Angel
  • 4. Have Mercy on Me: Conversion of Alma the Younger
  • 5. He is Mighty to Save: Alma at Gideon
  • 6. A New Star: Samuel the Lamanite at Zarahemla
  • 7. He Shall Go Before Him: John the Baptist
  • 8. Blessed Art Thou Among Women: The Annunciation to Mary
  • 9. Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus: Joseph the Carpenter
  • 10. Unto You: The Christmas Story from Luke Chapter 2
  • 11. And on Earth, Peace: Christmas in the Americas
  • 12. Glory to God in the Highest: The Heavenly Host
  • 13. What Child is This: The Babe of Bethlehem
  • 14. Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation: Simeon and Anna
  • 15. They Fell Down and Worshiped Him: The Wisemen
“This Child” is intended to tell the story of Christmas from the scriptures, not just from the writings of Luke and Matthew, but also Isaiah, Benjamin, Nephi, Samuel, and others. It is our hope that this simple offering will invite the Spirit of the Lord into your home this Christmas and teach Christ and Christmas from the hearts of our ancient fathers.
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