House Concerts

"Amazing! Coolest Concert Experience Ever!"

You’ve heard of house concerts, but this takes things to an entirely new level. 

For years, Jason had dreamed of having a recording studio in his house. Plans had been drafted multiple times and the architect had even bee paid. Then for some crazy reason they decided to walk away from building a new home. A few months later a house came on the market that had the most incredible garage-ma-hall in the back. 

This space was built nicer than any normal person would build a garage…  but what the owner selling the house didn’t know was that the measurements and layout would create one of the most incredible recording studio spaces in the Utah. 

After nearly 18 months of working and what seemed like more waiting on contractors, the studio was completed. This state of the art space isn’t available to everyone. It’s more of a “giant living room/man cave” intended for recording great music and on occasion inviting friends to come and hear some music as well. “It was never intended to be a busy concert venue or a place that I would even call a concert hall. I’m literally inviting you into my living room to come listen to the piano. It’s a hobby.” said Jason.

If you have an opportunity to attend one of these exclusive and private house concerts, you won’t want to miss it. Sometimes the concerts will include a dinner buffet from an area restaurant, sometimes desserts, and sometimes just a few drinks. 

“Each concert will be unique and different. I intend to invite my musical friends to come and share their talents with others.”

If you have questions about upcoming events, please email [email protected]


If I purchase the PDF file from your site, will I have immediate access to the song?

Yes, you will be able to download the Piano music song from the purchase confirmation page and we will also send you an email. Here’s a link to a walkthrough video that shows you how to access your PDF files after you’ve ordered from the site:

What program do you use to play music on your iPad?
I prefer to use the App “ForScore” but there are several apps that you can use to do the same thing.

How can I turn pages on my ipad with a foot pedal?
I’ve been using the AirTurn footpedals since they first came out and love them. They are simple and work great. You can learn more about them at:

What program do you use to write your music?
I started writing piano music with pencil and paper. I now use Finale, which is a bit pricy. There are some good intro options with Finale though. The other program out there is Sibelius. I’ve tried both. Neither one is very easy for a beginning but I think that Finale is the easiest of the two. Sibelius is a bit hard to figure out if you have used Finale. There are fans of both music notation softwares though. There are also some pretty cool apps for the iPad now that you can write music on, but if you do want to get serious about writing music you’ll likely need to eventually buy a license of Finale or Sibelius.

What program do you use to record your songs?
I record my songs in a studio but we use a software program called ProTools.

What do you charge to do concerts for small groups?
One of the things I love doing is playing for small groups of people. If you are planning a Holiday party and would like to have piano music entertainment or a concert for a small group of people, send me an email. These in-home shows can go as long as you’d like. I typically charge $475 for this type of event plus travel costs. If you are in Northern Utah and I can get to your home in 30 minutes, I don’t charge any extra. If more travel time is involved, we can talk and figure out a price that we both feel is fair.

Do you teach piano lessons, composing, or mentor aspiring musicians?
I’ve never taught piano lessons but I have worked with a few people over the years who were wanting to learn more about composing. I love helping mentor young composers or aspiring musicians. To do this, we actually stared Aingeal Music Worldwide to help organize many of my musician friends and allow us to provide a more structured type of mentoring. If you’d like to get into the music business or learn more about whether music may be a career path for you, please reach out to me via email, share a bit of your story and tell me how you think I might be able to help. I have many connections that can help with recording at the studio, getting your music to iTunes, learning about music notation, orchestration, film and Video game music, mixing, etc, and I’m happy to make introductions to the right people to help someone. Again, just send me an email to [email protected] and tell me what you might be looking for help with. 

What are your policies on shipping and what should I do if I have questions?
If you are ordering from our website ( the order for digital products will allow you to download your files immediately after purchase. For paper/spiral bound books we normally are able to package and ship the books within 1-3  business days (M-F). We ship with USPS and typically use First Class or Media Mail. Most packages include a tracking number through the USPS. Thanks to Covid and problems with the post office, we are finding that many of the East Coast addresses have been taking as much as 12-20+ days, even when we send via First Class. Unfortunately it seems that the days of 3-5 days for First Class packages to arrive aren’t happening anymore. We continue to work with our postmaster to try to find ways to ensure that the packages are arriving as quickly as possible. If a package has taken at least 3 weeks and has not arrived, we are happy to ship another order out for you but we find that about 99% of the time that both packages arrive. 

Most of the time packages arrive in great condition but we have had times where the book or CD arrives damaged. We’ve seen everything from Tire Marks on the envelope to books being bent completely in half by machines. While that isn’t the norm, we want you to be able to enjoy the book and feel it should arrive in good condition. If you receive an order and it is significantly damaged to the point that you feel a replacement is needed, please email our support team at [email protected] and we’d be happy to make things right, within reason. We want you to be able to enjoy the music for years to come and for the few times that a post office worker ends up having something happen that causes damage to the package, we feel like we can do our part to help make sure you feel good about your purchase.