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Jason Tonioli is a well known pianist and composer. He also has been instrumental in the formation of several successful business ventures. His current projects include piano music, travel and educational products that inspire and uplift. Learn more about his different projects below:

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Jason's Projects

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Jason’s piano music has been streamed over 100 Million times around the world. Click here to see his latest music, sheet music or song projects.

coral princess

Travel Agency owned by Jason. His team of travel agents specialize in Family and Group vacations to all parts of the world.

amazing vacations costa rica jason tonioli wiki

Jason’s tour company and team in Costa Rica that specialize in small and large group adventure and special interest group all-inclusive vacations in Costa Rica.

glenn rawson stories jason tonioli wiki

Jason’s partner and client. Glenn Rawson has been telling inspirational stories for over 30 years. His stories are now broadcast throughout the United States on more than 50 radio stations each week.  

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comission buddies logo jason tonioli wiki

Commission Buddies provides credit card processing and financial services. 

aingeal music jason tonioli wiki

Jason’s tour company and team in Costa Rica that specialize in small and large group adventure and special interest group all-inclusive vacations in Costa Rica.

We signed up for a paddling and adventure experience in an exotic destination and got way more than we were expecting. The staff was amazing and we feel we have made some lifelong friends.
 – Davide Sartoni, Nevada
Jason John Concert

Interested In Hiring Jason or His Team?

Whether you are looking for music or planning a group travel opportunity, we’d love to talk more with you about how we can help. 

Jason’s team and contacts have worked on hundreds of projects over the years from Disney video games, Star Wars, Dance Dance Revolution, Twisted Metal, Evermore Park and dozens of other well known projects. We know how to bring the right people together to make AMAZING music!

Jason takes on 1-2 custom music projects per year for various causes and clients. If you are looking for unique or custom music for your TV, Documentary, Film, Non-Profit or special event, please contact him directly with the link below

If you would like to hire Jason for a special event, fireside or concert, please reach out with the link below. Most concerts we participate in will have 300 or more attendees but we’re always willing to explore opportunities when it helps others and has the potential to have an impact on others.

Some of Jason's Performances Worth Checking Out

From The Album Finding Peace

Jason & John have collaborated on several original tunes and arrangements. They are currently working on a violin/viola and piano book.

Supporting Amazing Non-Profits

We love everything about OUR. If you want to make a difference in the world get involved with this organization!

Favorite Hymns Collaboration

Alex Sharpe and Lynn Hilary formerly of Celtic Woman collaborated in 2018 on a project with Jason’s Hymn Arrangements

Christmas Concerts

Looking for a unique Christmas performance? Jason has been a frequent FM100.3 Guest Artist and has performed with the One Voice Children’s Choir, GENTRI, Award winner country artist Brenda Burch, Salt Lake Symphony, CaraNua, Chuck Meyers, John Knudson, Jenny Oaks Baker and many other well known performers.

Amazing Grace Tribute To Dad

Special Thanks to the US Forest Service and Big Idea Music Productions for help create and film this video. country artist Brenda Burch, Salt Lake Symphony, CaraNua, Chuck Meyers, John Knudson, Jenny Oaks Baker and many other well known performers.

Stream Jason's Piano Music

Jason Tonioli - Wiki/ About

Jason Tonioli (born 1979), is an American pianist, composer, and entrepreneur. He graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors Degree from Weber State University. He received a diploma from the American Bankers Association for a 2 year Bank Marketing School held at Northwestern University in Illinois. He also graduated with honors from Pacific Coast Banking School, a 3 year graduate banking school held at the University of Washington. 
Jason was classically trained and began arranging and writing New Age Music for piano while in high school and while in his 20s developed his own unique style of classical crossover that has blended classical, pop, rock and roll and traditional. He is best known for his arrangements of traditional Christian Hymns. 
His music has been streamed over 100 Million times on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google and other streaming music services. 
He has a unique skillset of being both a musician and business minded person. You’ll find him in his happy place working on spreadsheets and marketing campaigns as well as sitting behind a piano writing out the newest tune that has come into his head. 
During his banking career, he was best known for his vision in creating simple processes and building and working with teams of people to develop tools, software and training in CRM, Marketing, Compliance and Sales Technology.
Tonioli is most well known for his original compositions and work in adapting religious hymns and traditional Christmas Carols. His works are classified as New Age, Christian, or Classical. 
He cites influences to his music as YanniEnyaJim BrickmanJon Schmidt (The Piano Guys), Rolf Løvland and Paul Cardall.

Tonioli has recorded his albums at Big Idea Studio in Sandy, Utah with the help of Chuck E. Myers and Jake Bowen who are well known for producing video game music Twisted Metal, Disney Infinity Volumes 1,2 & 3, Star Wars 8 Video Game soundtrack, Toy Story 2 & 3 Video Game soundtracks, Cars 2 & 3 Video Game Soundtracks, Evermore Park Soundtrack as well as many games for PlayStation as well as Disney Pixar. 

Jason has self published more than 10 albums and 10 piano solo books. He has also provided music for the popular TV documentary, History of the Saints as well as many other online video productions and documentaries.

Though he is typically known for his solo piano work, Tonioli has collaborated with Violinist Ryan Shupe from Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, CaraNua, a group composed of 2 of the former lead singers from Celtic WomanAlex Sharpe, and Lynn Hilary as well as lead vocalist from Riverdance Edel Murphy, and Lisa Nolan to produce an album of hymn arrangements that feature their vocals with his arrangements. 
Tonioli has also been featured as the pianist for live performances with CaraNua, and provided the music and arrangements for a number of their songs. He also collaborated with them and producer Chuck e. Meyers to create the Soundtrack of Evermore Park . 
He has shared the stage over the years with Alex SharpeLynn HilaryJon SchmidtGENTRIPaul CardallGlenn RawsonJesse Clarke FunkMáiréad Nesbitt, John Knudson, CaraNua, the Salt Lake Symphony, Utah Voices Choir and many more. 
In 2018 he collaborated with violinist John Knudson to release an album of original music titled “Finding Peace”. The album was launched on Sept 22, 2018 with a concert at the base of the Logan, Utah temple behind a full moon. This was a first of its kind event using the iconic hillside and structure as a backdrop for their performance. 
In 2019 he released his tenth full length piano album and companion music book titled Piano Reflections

Tonioli worked for 12 years as a marketing manager and marketing director for Bank of Utah until 2012. While working at the bank he helped coach a team of over 30 mortgage originators and helped develop several software tools used to help sales and marketing teams. He helped develop pop-up sales technology, bank profitability modeling and CRM software that is used at hundreds of banks and Credit Unions throughout the United States.

While at the bank he volunteered for over 8 years and served as chairman for Enable Utah, which provides employment and job skills training to approximately 300 people with disabilities each year. 

He also served for more than 5 years as a member of the Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP) certification team that was in charge of writing and managing the test used to qualify and educate top marketing professionals in the banking industry. 
In 2012 he chose to leave Bank of Utah and founded and led the banking software company Kadince.
In July of 2017, Tonioli exited his software company Kadince and joined efforts with Chuck e. Myers “sea” to launch the record label, Aingeal Music Worldwide, LLC. Aingeal Music is the Irish/Gaelic spelling of the word Angel. Later that year they they signed the musical group CaraNua to a record deal. 
In 2018 he launched a travel services company “Amazing Vacations USA” and Amazing Vacations Costa Rica, that provides vacation planning for families and groups looking to travel to Costa Rica as well as destinations throughout the world. The travel businesses continue to grow and serve hundreds of travelers and continue to focus on helping special interest groups have custom full service and all inclusive vacations. 
In 2019 he helped long time friend Glenn Rawson, well known producer of History of the Saints and the Joseph Smith Papers launch which provides weekly inspirational stories to subscribers. 
Jason continues to focus his time on growing his team and businesses as well as sharing his talents in music. His favorite part of working is developing and mentoring people and giving others the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Jason is married to Stacy Anderson Tonioli, a well known school teacher in Hooper, Utah. They have four amazing kids and his favorite thing is being a husband and father. 

Their kids are active in many sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball and Jason has coached their soccer teams for over 10 years. He has received his UYSA Soccer D License and helped coach many competition and premier level soccer teams over the years. 
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More From Jason Tonioli

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Play With Heart T-Shirts

The perfect gift for the piano player in your life.

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Shop Piano Books

Visit Jason’s shop to see the complete list of all his piano books and CDs. 

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New Video Premiere:
"Ukraine is not yet lost"- National Anthem of Ukraine

We hope this video allows you to reflect on what has happened in Ukraine and that in a small way it helps the world give some compassion to the millions of refugees who have been forced to flee their homes, families and homeland.

Easier Piano Hymns Digital Book
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FREE Sample Song:
From my New Book Easier Piano Hymns

This book was created for early intermediate piano players who are working up to be able to play from an actual hymn book.

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Jason's Song-of-the-Month Club

Jason’s behind-the-scenes group with an exclusive song or two each month. Click below to join.

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Nearer My God to Thee Digital Sheet Music Download

This arrangement doesn’t exist in any book as of 2021 but I’ve made it available on my website for those who are interested in it. Hopefully it is something that people enjoy.

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My YouTube Channel

A collection of over 120 videos.  Jason has recorded his albums at Big Idea Studio in Sandy, Utah with the help of Chuck E. Meyers and Jake Bowen who are well known for producing video game music for PlayStation as well as Disney Pixar. 

Favorite Hymns Jason Tonioli CaraNua
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Listen To My Favorite Hymn Arrangements

A collection of Jason’s personal favorite hymns.

Jason John Concert
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The Official Jason Tonioli Store

A complete catalog of all his Piano books, music and Cds.

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Where Heaven Meets earth Piano Solo:

This song was written during the Quarantine of 2020 when everyone was feeling unsure about what the future might hold. The song came to me one evening when I was trying to capture the feelings I was having. I had a feeling of hope and peace come over me as I was able to write the notes to paper.

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New recording:
Quarantine...LISTEN NOW!

This is the first draft of a new song I just put together. I’ve titled it Quarantine for now.