Jason’s music has been streamed nearly 100 Million times on Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. His newest album features violinist John Knudson as well as Celtic Woman singers Lynn Hilary and Alex Sharpe, currently of CaraNua.


Aingeal Music has released “Finding Peace”, a 12-track New Age Classical music album by world renowned new-age pianist Jason Tonioli and violinist John Knudson. Ten of the songs on this album are original tunes written by Jason Tonioli. The performances were recorded in Sandy, UT at Big Idea Productions and produced by Chuck e. Myers “sea” who is well known for his work with Disney, Sony and Evermore Park. The album is available for sale at Amazon and and available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora.

Piano and Violin Sillouette behind moon

Tonioli has become well known for his hymn arrangements and has previously released 8 full length piano albums, most recently collaborating with Irish singing group, CaraNua. Tonioli’s 9th album Finding Peace is his first album that features a violin duet on nearly all songs.

Jason Tonioli met violinist John Knudson while performing with the musical group CaraNua, which is comprised of Alex Sharpe and Lynn Hilary, singers from Irish groups Grammy winning Celtic Woman and world renowned Riverdance.

“Our album Finding Peace tells a story,” notes Tonioli. “For me personally, this music tells my own story of what I’ve experienced in my life over the past 18 months but I think everyone at some point in their life will encounter struggles and have the need to look for peace and closure. I hope that in some small way this music will have an emotional or spiritual impact on the life of someone who hears it and help them feel comforted as well as have the courage to carry on and move forward in their life.”

“There were many sleepless nights spent writing this music and we think those emotions really were captured in our performances,” states Knudson. “I’ve worked with some of the most famous musicians in the world throughout my career, but I don’t think I’ve ever been touched emotionally by music in quite this way. This music is special. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this my entire entire life.”

Violinist John Knudson began his life as a professional musician in Cache Valley, Utah and spent over 20 years traveling and performing throughout the United States. His talents have been showcased at prominent venues such as the White House, Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Galleries, and 911 Memorial. He has had the honor of performing for the past four U.S. Presidents.

Jason Tonioli John Knudson E 0060He has been featured on Platinum Weddings for the Oprah Winfrey Show and shared the stage with Aretha Franklin, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Alabama, Lee Greenwood, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Marvin Goldstein and dozens of other artists.

John returned to Utah in 2013 to marry his childhood sweetheart Jeanne and now works as a Professor of Violin and Viola Instruction at Utah State University. He also works as a string instrument luthier at his company JKStringz.

Tonioli was born in Nevada and raised in Soda Spring, ID and Roy, UT. He was the typical kid that didn’t like to practice piano, but credit to a mom who wouldn’t let him quit has resulted in multiple solo and collaboration albums with nearly 100 million streams of his music on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora.

Throughout his career he has worked successfully in several seemingly unrelated industries. He worked as a marketing manager at a community bank for 12 years, founded and sold a successful software company, founded a music label and most recently launched a custom travel company that focuses primarily on small group trips to Costa Rica. He is a true entrepreneur and loves helping others.

He is best known in the music world for his original piano compositions and hymn arrangements. Some of his most popular albums include Be Still – Piano Hymns, Favorite Hymns with CaraNua, Simple Gifts and Life Reflections.

His music is frequently featured on Whispering Piano Radio as well as many easy listening radio stations throughout the United States.

Aingeal Music and Tonioli’s Music is distributed worldwide by ReverbNation.

Track Listing:

  1. Prayer for Peace
  2. Hope
  3. Lullaby for Linzie
  4. Remembering
  5. Prayer for the Children
  6. Sleepsong
  7. Dreams
  8. Thinking of You
  9. Guide Me to Thee
  10. Forgiveness
  11. Finding Peace
  12. Brahms’ Lullaby (featuring Lynn Hilary and CaraNua)



Chuck e. Myers “Sea” / Big Idea Music Productions / [email protected] / 310-818-9175

Jake Bowen / Public Relations / [email protected] / 801-458-0276

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