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A Piece of Me – PDF Piano Solo Sheet Music


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Download piano sheet music for A Piece of Me, an original piano solo composition by Jason Tonioli.

Song Notes from Jason Tonioli: This song came to me the day I found out the father of a close friend had passed away. My friend lives in Costa Rica and when I heard the news, it made me think back to when I had lost my own father. I sat down at the piano and tried to play what would be the soundtrack that might bring some comfort to my friend. I’ve had a few people tell me this should be on a movie soundtrack and I suppose all music is a soundtrack to life. I thought of naming this song after a location in Costa Rica, specifically the city of Turrialba, but the more I thought about the name, the more I realized that as much as the location is special to me, the people and friends that are there are what make this place special. In reality, time spent with people are what have made my favorite places memorable and special. Next time you are on a vacation with loved ones, be sure to remember that they are the reason you enjoy that place so much.