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Be Good (Songs for Peace) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Song Notes: My ancestors were all hard workers. Most were farmers or laborers. As I was writing this song, I was trying to capture the image and soundtrack of someone who consistently showed up every single day, worked hard, and followed through on the work they were asked to do. These people quietly would go about their work, without expecting any recognition. In many ways, this work is in the service of others. 

There are dozens of people we know in life who show up each day to serve those around them, despite the difficult circumstances they might be in. This is the soundtrack I would place on top of a movie for people who put in a hard day of work and provide inspiration to those around them to be a little better. These examples in our lives inspire us to be good at whatever we do. 

This song is perfect for relaxing, studying or helping bring a spirit of peace to the room.

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This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Be Good” from the piano solo book “Songs for Peace”.