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Lake Louise Piano Solo PDF Sheet Music


Download piano sheet music for Lake Louise for piano today. This original composition is perfect for bringing the calming spirit of mountain hikes into your home and anywhere you play the piano. Lake Louise can be found in Jason’s latest piano book Piano Reflections along with 11 other original piano compositions and more than 50 pages of piano music. Download today.

Here’s what Jason had to say about his inspiration for this song “When I hike in the mountains, I often time will find that I sing songs in my head for nearly the entire hike. When I really like one of the songs that I’m singing, if I can, I will either write the song down or at very least sing or whistle the song into the voice recorder on my phone. My kids actually make fun of my whistling during hikes but I’ve found that some of the very best songs come from the mountains. My daughter Kallie suggested that I write my Mountain Songs down and record them in a book or Album.

This particular tune came to me while were walking along the path along Lake Louise where we took our family rock climbing on some of the amazing rock walls at the end of the lake. When we reached the top of the climbs we were on, you had an amazing view just about the top of the trees looking out at the bright turquoise blue lake along with the incredible lodge in the distance. It’s an incredible sight that very few people have the opportunity to take in. This is the song that I heard that day.”

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