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Let There Be Peace (Songs for Peace) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Song Notes: This song came to me as much of the world lifted pandemic restrictions, right around the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The music felt like a prayer in some ways, where there would be a soprano or violin singing the melody. I decided to add this song as the ending to a book that I hope will bring peace and calm to everyone who plays or hears it. Whether you are a religious person or not, it’s hard to deny there is a spiritual element which music has the ability to connect with and use to soften the hearts of others. 

The notes in this song are simple. Most good songs are that way. As you play this song and others, I hope you’ll remember that when a big task or obstacle, or something you want to wish for happens, the solution can sometimes be made up of lots of simple steps, that in many cases can be started by a single person who is willing to get started and consistently do the simple things.

This song is perfect for relaxing, studying or helping bring a spirit of peace to the room.

This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Let There Be Peace ” from the piano solo book “Songs for Peace”.