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Life Reflections CD


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Featuring Elizabeth Velez Urie and the hit song “Amazing Grace”.

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Name LengthSamplePurchase
Amazing Grace MP3 Download6:00
Life Reflections MP3 Download4:52
Solitude - Fading Light MP3 Download4:07
4. A Mother's Tear MP33:40
5. Kallie's Lullaby MP34:35
6. Danny Boy (Flute & Piano Duet) MP35:19
7. Thinking Of You MP33:52
8. Shenandoah (Flute & PianoDuet) MP34:16
9. Tears From Heaven MP34:52
10. Mountain Air MP32:57
11. Far From Home - Stacy's Song MP36:41
12. Distant Memory MP33:16
13. For The Beauty Of The Earth (MP3 Solo Piano)3:00
14. Bedtime Stories MP32:06
15. Danny Boy (Bonus Track ~ Solo Piano) MP35:17