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Morning Has Broken (Easier Hymns 2) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Side Notes: This song comes from a traditional Scottish, Gaelic tune called “Bunessan”. The tune had English lyrics added to it and was published in 1931 by English Author Eleanor Farjeon. It was made popular in 1971 by folk singer Cat Stevens and even reached number six on the US Billboard pop charts and number one on the easy listening charts. The editor of the original “Songs for Praise” publication in 1931 explained that there was a need for a hymn to give thanks for each day. The song was originally notated in 9/4 time with a 3/4 feel. I decided to write the song in 9/8 time even though it might feel different to less experienced pianists but have grouped the notes in three to make it easier to play. I think the counting will provide some good opportunities to learn and challenge yourself. I hope you like and enjoy this tune as much as I do.

This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Morning Has Broken ” from the piano solo book “Easier Hymns 2”.