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Nearer My God to Thee (2021 Arrangement) – Piano Solo PDF Sheet Music


I have an arrangement of this that I did more than 10 years ago and then one day I was just improvising and this arrangement kind of came together. It has more of reflective or meditation feel to it with the left hand pattern than most versions that exist out there of this song. I wrote it down and it was different enough from my other version that I felt like it was worth putting down on paper. This arrangement doesn’t exist in any book as of 2021 but I’ve made it available on my website tonioli.com for those who are interested in it. Hopefully it is something that people enjoy.

As of now, this arrangement is only available in digital format. Perhaps at a future date it will become part of a book.

To print a sample of this music click here.

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This song is only available in digital format for now.