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Peace Like a River (Easier Hymns 2) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Side Notes:

I love rivers. I enjoy fishing in them and I especially love rafting and kayaking in them. One of my favorite things is paddling through whitewater over and around rocks. When I think of the words of this song that speak of “peace” like a river I think it applies to the fact that the water on a river is continuously flowing. It doesn’t matter how big of a rock there might be the water will find a way around or over it.

Just like in our lives, we will have obstacles, (rocks) and no matter the circumstances that might be in our way or path, if we will focus on the fact that we all have the light of Christ in our lives, He will help us find ways around the most difficult of things we might have to go through. Just like water in a river will peacefully find its way through difficult things, if we will trust in God, he will help us find a “flow” and help us overcome all things, whether it be in this life or in the life to come.

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This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Peace Like a River ” from the piano solo book “Easier Hymns 2”.