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Piano Hymns CD


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Featuring Jason Tonioli, Addison Kirk, Karla Axtell, Lacie Kirk, Sherrie Shepherd, Bradley Jacobsen and Jennifer Tonioli Anderson.

No collection of Sunday music would be complete without this soon to be classic. After years of seeing talented musicians struggle to share their music, Jason Tonioli decided to seek out some of the most talented, lesser known artists and produce an album that will introduce people to many wonderful artists that you might not have heard of.





Jason was not the model piano student but luckily had a mother who was determined to win “the piano war” with her son. Since 2003, he has published five piano solo books and three albums, and hopes to share his music throughout the world while helping encourage piano students to not quit piano.



Addison’s passion for music can be attributed to his mother who found joy in listening to the music of her children and never forced them to practice. His deep love for Hymns is apparent in his albums that feature his original hymn arrangements. It is his hope that those that listen to his music may feel the love that their Savior, Jesus Christ has for them.



Jennifer believes that music provides an escape from life’s toughest moments. She is especially grateful for a mom that wouldn’t let her quit piano when she asked and a brother who pushes her to continue to create. Jennifer is excited to share her talents with others, and hopes that her music will uplift and inspire the hearts and minds of those who listen.



At a young age, Lacie was fascinated by music. Even the simple song of a bird captured her heart. She now knows that when music is expressed in a sacred way, hearts are touched and lives are changed. At the age of 4, she composed her first song.. Her first album was released at age 15, and still now at a young age, she continues to share her talents.



Karla has always loved the piano and all uplifting types of music. Her testimony is evident throughout her arrangements. One of the highlights of her career has been the opportunity to create an album of LDS hymns with composer Jay Richards. “What an immense joy it has been to blend the very essence of music and text with orchestra and piano.”



Sherrie was born with a deeply seeded passion for music that divs generations. This passion has driven her to create music from the depths of her soul.. She has been performing, playing piano, singing and composing for over 25 years, and her first album of inspirational piano solos was released in 2009. Sherrie is a loving wife, mother of three, avid runner, and piano teacher.



Throughout his life Brad has been blessed by the calming and healing powers of music. His greatest desire is to share that experience with others. Brad first learned to love the piano after discovering it could (and should) be an emotional and not just mechanical experience. He sincerely hopes that others find the same peace in listening to his music that he feels while playing.

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Name LengthSamplePurchase
1. Joseph's First Prayer MP33:49
10. All Creatures of Our God and King MP32:37
11. Simple Gifts MP33:38
12. Come Thou Fount/Hie to Kolob MP35:01
13. Till We Meet Again/I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go MP35:36
14. Sing We Now at Parting MP33:42
2. Praise to the Man MP33:23
3. We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet MP34:37
4 Music CD Pack
4. Battle Hymn of the Republic MP34:12
5. Dare to do Right MP33:24
6. I Know That My Redeemer Lives MP34:00
7. Love at Home MP33:51
8. The Lord is My Shepherd/Oh My Father MP34:07
9. Goin' Home MP34:19