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Spring (Songs for Peace) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Song Notes: While I was working one spring day as pandemic restrictions were lifting, I was trying to figure out how to encourage people to join me on a cruise to Alaska. I had this song pop into my head and quickly sang the melody into my phone, and then sat down and started to sketch out the sheet music to this song. Over about 24 hours, I kept singing this melody and each time I’d play or sing it, I could see, smell and taste spring. When I’ve visited Alaska, it always seems to have the smell of fresh air mixed with pine trees. I can’t wait to do piano concerts on the ship with a small group of travelers, but for those who aren’t able to join us, I hope this song will bring a bit of the soundtrack and feeling of spring and the taste and smell of the fresh air which comes with renewed life.

This song is perfect for relaxing, studying or helping bring a spirit of peace to the room.

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This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Be Good” from the piano solo book “Songs for Peace”.