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To Say Goodbye – Piano & Violin Duet PDF Sheet Music


This song is dedicated to all those looking for some peace during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Over the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me to write something for the current moment and a few days ago a fan from Italy reached out and asked me to do a song for Italy. At that point I knew I needed to do this. This wasn’t the music video I had envisioned but I don’t think any of us envisioned this scenario or impact so many people would feel on their life.

The title of this song is “To Say Goodbye” and it is dedicated to everyone around the world, especially our friends in Italy and those places most affected by the virus. Our desire is that this song can bring hope to anyone struggling and be a soundtrack that reminds us all that “goodbye’s” whether they are from our friends and family or any situation we may be in, are temporary and that things will return to normal someday.

Feel free to share this song of hope with those you love and we hope that it becomes a soundtrack that helps you look back on the good things in your life and also look forward to the future. God Bless. #CreateSomethingBeautiful #MakeLemonade