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Thank you for supporting Jason Tonioli! Jason has noticed that he has a lot of listeners in the Philippines, and wanted to create a curated listening hub for you. Check out this playlist page created special for Jason’s listeners in the Philippines. Please subscribe to Jason on your favorite streaming platform. Subscribing is the best way to ensure you never miss a new release and stay up to date on new music from Jason Tonioli. 

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"Thank you, Philippines Listeners!"

It still surprising- and humbling to me just how far reaching my music has become. I have connected with people all over the world through my music, and the people of the Philippines have become some of my biggest listeners. Thank you so much for letting me share my love of music with you. 

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“When you play my music, have fun with it.” – Jason creates music that is fun to play, and in some cases music that is easier for small or beginning hands. When music is fun, a love of playing can grow. Jason’s mission is to share  his love of music, and help foster that love for music in others. Explore titles below and foster your own love of music today!

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Travel With Jason

Aug 3rd - Aug 10th, 2022

We are super excited to announce an upcoming Alaska cruise with Jason Tonioli in August of 2022. This will be a unique and beautiful experience where you will enjoy not only an amazing cruise but also concerts by Jason throughout your travels backdropped by Alaskan glaciers. 

stories of the hymns book by jason tonioli and glenn rawson flat book cover

Stories of the Hymns – Volume 1

This book of stories will bring to life and give new perspective on the origin stories behind 41 of the most well know Christian Hymns. This is not a music book but it is a story book with inspirational stories that dive deeper into how the authors and composers wrote some of the most iconic hymns that cross denominations and religions.

The stories are written to be 3-6 minutes and work perfectly for using as a spiritual thought to start a class or meeting. Once you read these stories you will forever look at many of these songs differently and sing them with greater intent. We hope each story bring greater meaning to your worship.

The book makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves music and the hymns.

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