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Shall We Gather at the River – Piano Solo PDF Sheet Music


This tune is also known sometimes as At the River and was originally written by gospel music composer Robert Lowry. Lowry wrote the tune in 1864 under the title of Hanson Place in reference to the Hanson Baptist Church in Brooklyn, where Lowry served as a Baptist minister. It was so popular that it was included in Aaron Copland’s Old American Songs which was published in 1952 and has been featured in many old western films over the years and become popular in several European countries. The songs lyrics make reference to the anticipation of restoration and reward of the water of life that comes from the throne of heaven.

On a side note, I love rivers and have loved kayaking and rafting for years. There’s something special you feel as you float along a river in a raft or kayak. When you take time to slow down in life, or when you are just floating along and enjoying nature along a river, I believe you can feel a unique spirit around you if you pay attention and look for it.

I tried to capture the feeling of the river in this arrangement. Hopefully, you can feel a bit of that same feeling as you play this song for yourself or others.

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