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Sacred Hymns Book 5 (Full Book) PDF Download


Over the years, I have had so many amazing opportunities to share my music with people. What started as a simple desire to share a few songs with close friends and family has grown into 10+ piano books and recorded albums with some of the most talented musi- cians in the world.

I love writing and recording original music, but for whatever reason, I have also always loved the “old” tried and true traditional hymns.

As I started putting this book together, I invited several of my fans and friends to make suggestions for songs which I should include in a new book. I also did quite a bit of research to seek out the most popular older tunes from multiple Christian denominations. It was interesting to see how many great, good, and “not so good” songs were out there.

This book is a result of my year-long, exploratory journey where I was guided to write arrangements. You’ll find some of these tunes may be new to you. I hope that is part of the fun as you play through this book.

I added lyrics on several of these piano solos as well, which is different than I have done with most of my piano solo books. I did this not so much to encourage a vocalist to perform the tune with you, but for you as a pianist. I’ve found when I can understand the story behind a song, or understand the lyrics of a song, it makes the song mean more and I’m able to play it with more feeling. I hope you find the lyrics helpful to read as you play the song and sing along with it in your head.

My hope when you play this music is that you will be able to feel the spirit and draw closer to our Savior Jesus Christ in some way. Hopefully, you will be able to help others who listen to you play feel that same spirit.