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When I Survey the Wonderous Cross – Piano Solo PDF Sheet Music


This hymn was first penned by Isaac Watts and published in 1707. The lyrics to this tune were considered an innovative departure from the traditional early English hymn style that would normally paraphrase biblical texts.

As I was looking for interesting hymns to arrange for this book from multiple Christian denominations, this tune would often be included in the Top Ten Christian Hymn lists that I would find. I was able to find several YouTube videos of people singing the song but there were very few piano solo arrangements of this tune. As I started to consider doing an arrangement of this hymn, it came together in just a few hours, which is always fun to have happen when I start writing out music on paper.

I debated on whether to include the lyrics, but since many people may not be familiar with the words, I decided to add them in. It wasn’t written as a vocal solo, but I’ve found that as I play a piano solo, it is sometimes helpful to have the lyrics on the page so I can get a better feeling for how the song should feel when I play it.

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