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Most of Jason’s Piano music has been at an intermediate or advanced level until now. If you would like to check out the newest “Easier” series, follow the links below. These are not big note “super” easy books but they are meant for those who are at a level where they can nearly play a song from a hymn book. This new series was created with feedback and input from over 800 piano teachers and piano music players. We hope it is something that will be enjoyed for years to come. The songs sound so much harder than they actually are to play!

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Tobias Rauscher

Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #26: The Paramount Impact of Music Promotion and Mentorship with Tobias Rauscher

“If you want to have success in music, it’s really about promotion. It’s like this should be the main job, not the production or at least find a good balance between these two. Most musicians just neglect promotion or think it’s just about posting a couple of times and all that stuff, but that’s just not true. It’s a lot of work and your promotion should be the main focus besides production.”

~Tobias Rauscher

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Cheryl Engelhardt

Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #25: How to Get Nominated for a Grammy with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

“What does Cheryl want most? Anyone will tell you, oh, Grammy. Like my clarity is so clear that other people know how to show up for me. I think that that’s a big miss for a lot of musicians, like if you want to tour and to do Spotify and to do licensing and to do this amazing yes, I am a big fan of doing all the things, but what’s the most important thing right now? What is the thing that’s going to give you the biggest step up to help all the other things that you want to do? If you can give yourself the gift of focusing on that one thing and the clarity of like, this is what I’m going after right now, then other people are going to know how to step up. If you don’t know what you want, people are not going to know how to show up and help you.”

~Cheryl B. Engelhardt

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Chris boat promo photo HIGH

Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #24: Unfolding Sync Licensing Success with Chris SD

“Figure out who you are, figure out what your voice is, carry yourself the way you’re meant to carry yourself through life because that whole thing that they talk about when you’re a kid, like everyone’s special and everyone has their own thing, sometimes I thought that’s just to appease the people who are not going to be successful. Maybe I won’t be successful and they’re just trying to make me feel good. What I was thinking is not true. What they’re saying is very true, is that we’re each a fingerprint, we each have our own thing and that one thing is the thing that’s going to be interesting to everybody.”

~Chris SD

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Jason Tonioli Yamaha Clavinova - Christmas 1997

A Piano for Christmas – By Jason Tonioli

“I just stood there shocked and said, “It’s a piano.” I later learned that my dad felt impressed that it was really important that I have that piano at that time of my life. My parents used a part of a small inheritance my mom received to purchase it.” ~Jason Tonioli

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