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Most of Jason’s Piano music has been at an intermediate or advanced level until now. If you would like to check out the newest “Easier” series, follow the links below. These are not big note “super” easy books but they are meant for those who are at a level where they can nearly play a song from a hymn book. This new series was created with feedback and input from over 800 piano teachers and piano music players. We hope it is something that will be enjoyed for years to come. The songs sound so much harder than they actually are to play!

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This song was written in one night. It’s still in draft mode, but over 300 people have downloaded it and are raving about this new song! 

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #9: Katie Zaccardi’s Holistic Approach to Strategy and Mindset

“I think that, if you’re not sure if you want to do it professionally, but you’re open to it, I would honestly say, just do what feels fun for you. And that might lead you down the path of deciding if you want to start performing and deciding that you want to release music and things like that. I feel like allowing yourself to not put pressure on figuring out what you want to do or how you want to do it, it’s something that can give you so much freedom and allow you to ultimately have more success, whether you want to keep it as a hobby or if you want to do it professionally.” ~Katie Zaccardi

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #8 Part 2: Michael Walker’s Idea of Success and Finding Life’s Fulfillment

“If you don’t believe in yourself, then there’s zero chance that you’re gonna be successful with it. If you have anything worthwhile that’s worth achieving, it comes with first allowing yourself to believe it’s possible and then taking action and becoming the person that deserves to achieve the goal and I think part of that too comes with being willing to make mistakes, being willing to look stupid and not taking it personally, being willing to learn quickly” Michael Walker

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Successful Musicians Podcast – Episode #8 Part 1: Michael Walker’s Tour Hacking Technique and Advice on How Having the Right Producer Can Make or Break Your Music Career

” If you’re a musician listening to this right now, there’s probably artists who are much less talented than you who are super successful, have amazing music and it’s not necessarily because they’re more talented than you but it’s because they’re working with the right producer..” Michael Walker

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Options for spiral bound or digital full book digital downloads. Intermediate and Advanced Piano music arrangements of traditional hymns, Christmas piano arrangements and original new age piano compositions.


Piano Hymns, Original New Age Relaxing Piano Solos and Piano Christmas Tunes

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