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Exciting news! I just sent my 9th piano solo book off to the printer. There are a total of 11 original songs in the book and over 50 pages.

The book will be spiral bound for easy page turns just like all my previous books. You can also order it in digital format online from my website.

It is interesting how easy it is to get into a day-to-day routine and then before you know it, ten years have passed, and you wonder what happened to the time. As I’m writing this, I look back and still wonder how I could be old enough to have teenage children, when I still feel like I’m trying to figure out how to be a dad.

I’ve learned there is a time and Piano Reflections Tonioliplace for everything in life. However, I see people who don’t seem to be willing to start working towards their dream or idea. It’s as if they would prefer to make excuses and avoid starting rather than take a risk. A lack of

planning or starting brings them no closer to their goal. I find that I never lack for ideas, dreams, or things to do. Having too many ideas or projects can actually be counterproductive. Sometimes I will take the time to explore and start a project. The hardest part, for me and most people, seems to be finding the time to keep coming back to a project and being willing to continue working on it until it is finished. When I complete a project, it is a great feeling.

This book of original songs has been a project on my to-do list for far too long. I started some of these over 10 years ago. They might have only been a few measures scratched out on a piece of paper, but I would keep coming back to them and write a few lines every once in awhile. One of the songs included in this book was written over 20 years ago for my wife. For years I’ve played it differently on the piano and I finally updated the music the way it evolved. I’ve set a goal to finish this book several times, but finally spent a few weeks writing, revising, updating and modifying the final product. I’m excited to have a new book that I can now share with others!

Hopefully, my example of procrastination serves as a lesson to any artist who begins a project, to remind them that it is important to finish what you start. I could certainly spend more time revising the songs, rewriting them, or even questioning if they are good enough to share. If you never force yourself to “ship” a product and share it with others, you’ll never be able to find joy in sharing your work.

This book is dedicated to my family and many friends who continue to encourage me to write music. Thank you for allowing me to share my talents! I hope you enjoy this music and the spirit the music will bring with it.

The book can be ordered at this link: 

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