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Arenal Costa Rica – PDF Piano Solo Sheet Music


Download piano sheet music for Arenal, an original piano solo composition by Jason Tonioli.

Song Notes from Jason Tonioli: Arenal is a volcano in Costa Rica. It’s perfectly shaped and there are hotels all around it. I consider Costa Rica a place that has helped me heal from some very deep emotional wounds that were caused by people who I thought were my friends. It’s sad how business, greed and jealousy can have such a strong effect on people… in some ways like a volcano. You never know when a volcano will erupt, and sometimes our life is the same way. You never quite know when everything will change in the blink of an eye and will forever be different.

Costa Rica as a whole has become a special place to me because in 2018 I partnered with some amazing people and helped start a travel company that specializes in planning trips to Costa Rica. (AmazingVacationsCostaRica.com) Soon thereafter, we started our travel agency business and began helping families and groups plan cruises and AMAZING trips all over the world. It’s been funny how sometimes the worst experiences of our life can lead to a better place. I never thought in a million years that I would go from working in the banking and software industries to founding a travel agency (AmazingVacationsUSA.com). It has allowed me to work with so many incredible people and see and do so many cool things and call it work! We’ve been able to help people create memories they will carry forever and I know many families are closer thanks to our efforts.

Sometimes the very best things that happen in our life come from what I like to call a “volcano experience.” It just takes us a little while to realize how amazing the next path in our life will be.