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Sarapiqui – PDF Piano Solo Sheet Music


Download piano sheet music for Sarapiqui, an original piano solo composition by Jason Tonioli.

Song Notes from Jason Tonioli: Sarapiqui is a region in the northeast part of Costa Rica. It sits on the northern slopes of several volcanos. Nearby there are thousands of acres of pineapple fields that produce the largest % of pineapple in the world. There are sloths, monkeys, iguanas, toucans, and hundreds of species of birds in and around this area. My first introduction to the area was paddling on the Sarapiqui river in a whitewater kayak. It is a fun section of river that is great for beginners to kayak or raft. For most people who drive through this area, I believe they won’t realize the amount of wildlife and other amazing things that are here. Unless you get in the river or off the highway, you’ll miss it. I think that’s true of many places.

This melody reminded me of this simple area that most often gets overlooked by the normal travelers in Costa Rica. However, if you look closely there are so many cool things to see. I think that’s sometimes how life goes as well. In life, we can find beauty and actually learn to love where we are currently at. Paying attention to a simple melody (just like with this song) or the simple things in life helps us realize that what we have in front of us right now is pretty special and beautiful, if we give it the attention it deserves.