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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Easier Hymns 2) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Song Notes:

The lyrics to “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” were written in 1885, by William Henry Parker a member of the Chelsea Street Baptist Church in Nottingham, England. There he was active in the work of the Sunday School. He wrote many hymns and songs and had fifteen of them published in the Sunday School Hymnary (1905).

When Parker’s Sunday School class requested Parker “tell us another story,” he was inspired to write a six verse song, titled “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.” The verses of “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” are told from a child’s perspective, asking to hear stories such as when Jesus calmed the stormy Sea of Galilee, or when He blessed the little children in Judea. In the original poem, the third verse describes the Savior’s triumphal return to the temple in Jerusalem (Mark 11:8-9) and refers to ‘palms’ and ‘hosannas.’ The fifth verse included the Savior’s teachings involving animals and nature, referring to ‘sparrows’ (Matthew 10:29) and ‘lilies’ (Luke 12:27). The sixth, and final verse, is dedicated to the Atonement of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32), and may have been excluded in later versions because of the heavy subject matter.

The music for the song was composed by Frederic A. Challinor, who wrote the tune for a competition sponsored by the National Sunday School Union, in London, England. The tune has been published in many hymnbooks and children’s songbooks by multiple denominations over the years.

I included my two favorite verses and lyrics for this arrangement but you can easily add a repeat to the song if you would like to sing any of the other verses to the song.

This is perfect as a prelude piano solo or musical number for church. It is written for piano players who are just learning to play piano songs from a hymn book and written in easier keys.

This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus ” from the piano solo book “Songs for Peace”.