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The Water Is Wide (Easier Hymns 2) DIGITAL PDF ONLY


Side Notes:

This popular and catchy Scottish tune has been used in folk tunes, hymns, and even in pop music by U2. It has been used often as the tune for the hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” by Isaac Watts and by John Bell’s “When God Almighty came to Earth” as well as many other arrangements by church choirs with various lyrics. I think what makes this melody so appealing is the simplicity. Often the greatest and most memorable songs will have some of the simplest of melodies, harmonies and timing. As you play more and mature as a musician, you’ll realize that many times, adding fancy notes may look “cool” but keeping things simple, played with emotion, often will move an audience more than a piece that is difficult to play.

This is a digital PDF Sheet music for the song “The Water Is Wide ” from the piano solo book “Easier Hymns 2”.