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Praise to the Man – Piano Solo PDF Sheet Music


I have spent more time on this arrangement than any other I have done. I started playing the introduction to this song before 2010, and even recorded a version that was used in a television documentary with a virtual orchestra. For some reason, every time I tried to write out the sheet music for this arrangement, it eluded me as to where it was supposed to go. Each time I’d sit down to play it, I would come up with a different version. I finally buckled down to finish this arrangement and although I finished the first verse, the following verses always felt different depending on my mood.

I started to realize there was a similar theme in the left hand that would usually present itself, so I kept coming back to it as I was trying to write it down. In the end, I felt like keeping it short to only two verses felt right and the ending provided enough flexibility if someone wanted to add an extra verse or repeat to the song it would work well. I hope this is an arrangement that people will enjoy playing through and will provide some inspiration to any who hear it.

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